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BCPL shoots every Wednesday evening April-October. Every week we will shoot a different type of match.  Various types of matches shot throughtout the year are:

IDPA, Practical, 2 and 3 Gun matches.

See Club Calendar for specific match type shot, dates & times.

General Equipment:  Hearing and eye protection. (Mandatory for all spectators as well.)

                                  Chamber flags for guns.


Pistol Equipment:      A safe functioning pistol between the caliber of 9mm-45acp.

                                  A holster designed to fit the gun. No inside the waistband holsters.

                                  At least 3 magazines.

                                  Magazine carriers to hold at least 2 magazines.

                                  100-150 rounds of ammo.


Rifle Equipment:        A safe functioning rifle between the caliber of 223-308.

                                  At least 2 magazines.

                                  Magazine carrier to hold at least 1 magazine. (Recommended)

                                  75-100 rounds


Shotgun Equipment:  A safe functioning Shotgun either 20 or 12 gauge.

                                  75-100 rounds

                                  Shell carrier of some sort to hold additional rounds. (Recommended)



Contact Info

Match Director: Jeff Fletcher


Phone Number: (814)977-7276

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